Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upcoming Columns

A preview of the forthcoming columns is given below.  Would be grateful to readers to provide additional topics that are of interest to them!
1. "Life after Anna" for Corporates -  The after-effect of Anna has raised the nervousness of corporate CFOs, especially of those companies that depend on Govt. contracts.. What is the impact of this "wave" against corruption on them? Especially when this is supported by "middle class", many of whom could be employees of such organizations, and are "potential whistleblowers"?
2. New Banking Licences - Who? When? and What is the impact on banking industry? And what is in it for corporate CFOs? 
3. Real Estate sector - What are the "viable" and "realistic" fund raising options for Real Estate companies in this market? What are the expectations of investors in terms of security, collateral, returns?  What is the regulatory outlook on exposure to this sector? And impact of rising interest rates on this sector.
4. Foreign Currency Loans - is this the right time for companies to opt for forex loans, when both domestic interest rate scenario and international economic scenario are volatile? Pros and cons, in today's market, in opting for a foreign currency loan?
5. What is the long term impact of US Sovereign downgrade on Indian corporates? Is it time to diversify their currency basket?
6. BSE's recent approval from SEBI for SME Exchange :  A Chimera again, or a workable proposition? What is the impact of its "success" or "failure" on corporate finance professionals?

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